Q&A with Tara Swart, Neuroscientist, Author

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Dr Tara Swart, a neuroscientist and executive coach with a background in psychiatry, is convinced beyond all doubt of our ability to alter how our brains work – and transform our lives. In The Source, she draws on the latest cognitive science and her experience coaching highly successful people to reveal the secret to mastering our minds.

Why did you decide to write The Source?

I felt that I had a unique perspective on how to navigate life through the combination of my knowledge of neuroscience, psychology and ancient philosophies. I had used these learnings to transform my own life and to help my patients, coaching clients and executive students. There was a strong desire to make this practical information accessible to many more people, and producing a book, audiobook and eBook seemed to be a great conduit for achieving this aim.

Tell us a little about your understanding of the relationship between neuroscience, entrepreneurship and success.

An entrepreneurial mindset, that is, one that is primed for abundance, and the realisation of success in its many forms, are a direct result of the condition of your brain. Keeping the brain in peak physical condition allows you to achieve your highest potential through optimal performance of your brain power. The more you understand how your brain works and how amazingly malleable it is throughout life, the more you can unleash from it. This could include anything from setting up your own business to particular creative pursuits, as well as your other personal and professional goals.

Why do you think books such as The Source – which helps people transform their lives and achieve personal goals – are so popular in the current climate?

I think these books have always been popular as we all need some help to transform ourselves at certain times of our lives, but it does seem that the current political, social and psychological climate means that the time is right for a book like this that explains the science. From The Master Key System in 1921 to Think and Grow Rich in 1937 and The Secret in 2006, there seems to be a book like this needed for every generation. As technology has advanced, people tell me that understanding the science has compelled them to act, to take more control of their circumstances and really go for their dreams.

Is there an overall message from the book that you would like to leave with your readers? 

That we are capable of so much more than we believe. The laws of attraction, visualisation and vision boards do work but only if supported by positive action and grounded in science. Taking ownership of our lives is a choice, massively boosted by mastering our emotions, trusting our intuition, and making good decisions.

What are you working on next?

I am continuing to run my consultancy Taraswart.com and to teach at the MIT Sloan School of Management, where I am Senior Lecturer in Applied Neuroscience and Neuroscience for Leadership. I am planning an online course for The Source, and starting to gather ideas for my next book.

You can find out more about Tara by visiting her website or Twitter page, and you can purchase The Source here. 

Hannah Bickerton
Hannah Bickerton
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