Leveraging Life: Outsourcing and Freelancing

Among the plethora of life coaches, juicing gurus and diet plans clogging the arteries of the bestseller lists in January, it has been fascinating to see in amongst them Rob Moore's Life Leverage: How to Get More Done in Less Time, Outsource Everything & Create Your Ideal Mobile Lifestyle. Outsourcing and freelancing. Now it seems to be a lifestyle choice. How can specialists help buy you time and make you more efficient? Something the publishing industry has been wrestling with for years. Gradually, it seems, the material advantages of efficiency and flexibility are being championed by more and more converts.

By   Jantien Abma

The Future is Freelance

First published on Digital Book World's site on August 3rd, 2015, our co-founder John Bond, in response to an article entitled 'Don't Outsource Your Publishing Business Away', written by Emma Barnes days before, reflects on the shifting climate of the publishing industry, arguing 'The Future is Freelance'.

By   Tim Inman