Leveraging Life: Outsourcing and Freelancing

By   Jantien Abma 1 min read

Among the plethora of life coaches, juicing gurus and diet plans clogging the arteries of the bestseller lists in January, it has been fascinating to see in amongst them Rob Moore’s Life Leverage: How to Get More Done in Less Time, Outsource Everything & Create Your Ideal Mobile Lifestyle. Outsourcing and freelancing. Now it seems to be a lifestyle choice. How can specialists help buy you time and make you more efficient? Something the publishing industry has been wrestling with for years.  Gradually, it seems, the material advantages of efficiency and flexibility are being championed by more and more converts.

As a company, whitefox’s philosophy is built in part on a belief that talent and expertise thrives in a freelance domain. Where you happen to live and work matters less than ever, as does whether you have an affiliation with a particular brand. For the past four years, we’ve experienced the many benefits of smart outsourcing firsthand, having tasks completed at speed, using specialists picked for both the quantity and quality of their relevant experience to a specific project. Our numerous interviews with freelancers for our company blog have reinforced the idea that their status not only reaps rewards for the publishing projects they are assigned to, but also for themselves, providing flexibility, reduced stress and the ability to range across different sectors.

Moore, an entrepreneur, describes the outlook of the book as follows : ‘Merg[e] your passion with your profession and your vocation with your vacation.’  Amongst other ideas, he urges readers not to view retirement as the age merely to enjoy oneself, but rather as a time to maintain a healthy work/life balance in several ways, including by either becoming freelance, or using freelancers. People, it seems, are listening.