Unsung Heroes of Publishing List 2016

By   Jantien Abma 1 min read

The Unsung Heroes of Publishing list aims to celebrate the people working under the senior executives in publishing that, to use a Formula 1 analogy, act as the pit crew to a book’s publication – the less conspicuous editors, agents, marketeers, project managers, production specialists, designers and digital specialists, freelance or in-house, whose contributions make an exceptional difference to their company, projects and the books they produce.

The idea for Unsung Heroes came about as a response to other laudatory lists for the publishing industry, which tend to feature the same senior executives year after year. In our opinion, they don’t give enough attention to specialists in less senior roles, smaller companies, the independent sector, the agenting sector and the freelance domain. 

After the cut-off date on January 15, 2016, whitefox will carry out the appropriate legwork in order to announce the final 25 for 2016.

We invite you to contribute your nominations with the aim of giving someone you know much-needed recognition for the quality of their hard work.

Submit your nomination using the contact form below, with Nomination in the subject line, citing the person’s specialism (i.e. Agenting, Marketing, Editorial, Design, Project Management, Digital etc…). Please state if you’d like to remain anonymous! We might be in touch again soon for more details.


Note: We had originally aimed to announce 5 honourees in 5 categories, but due to the eagerness of publishing folk to give credit where it’s due no matter the specialism, we have done away with strict categories. As a result we have enjoyed reading a great variety of touching nominations, featuring people from all aspects of our evolving industry, from admin to entrepreneurial roles.