Image for A crowdfunded, genre-bending graphic novel

A crowdfunded, genre-bending graphic novel


  • Bespoke printing options
  • Crowdfunding campaign consultancy
  • Project managing a large team of creative talent


James Pattinson came up with the idea for [Re]Start just before Covid, but the book took on a whole new resonance in the pandemic’s wake. The award-winning entrepreneur had always placed inclusion, mentorship and collaboration at the forefront of his marketing consultancy, so when he decided to create a genre-bending graphic novel aimed at helping young people kick-start their careers, he knew he’d need to involve as many of them as possible. And to do any of this, he’d need funding.

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With Whitefox’s specialist publishing support, James ensured the project was a collaborative venture from the get-go, starting with a crowdfunding campaign that made 35% of its target within the first week and quickly attracted 130 backers. As he and his diverse creative team of almost sixty set to work on storyboarding, writing and illustrating, Whitefox assembled and oversaw the expert editors, designers and production specialists who then brought their ambitious vision to life.

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