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A multi-market publishing strategy


  • Bestseller in Malaysia and Singapore
  • Consultancy on strategy and positioning
  • International sales and publicity campaign
  • Multiple formats for different markets


As the son and brother of former Malaysian prime ministers, Nazir Razak has had a lifelong behind-the-scenes view of the nation’s political landscape, often having to juggle loyalty and principles as part of this double-edged legacy. In his memoir reflecting on a three-decade career in business and banking, he also wanted to reach out to his fellow Malaysians with an insider’s analysis of the country’s politics, and offer a compelling argument for realistic reform.


To achieve this he needed a striking, well-produced book – crucially one that was widely available in Malaysia, both as an eBook and as a paperback for the Asian bookstore chain Kinokuniya. With Whitefox’s support on all fronts from production to publicity to international sales, Nazir published his memoir – in two physical formats for different markets, and even a Malaysian-language edition – to great acclaim, selling over 15,000 copies within two months and becoming a bestseller in Malaysia, Singapore and across South-East Asia.

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