Work Spaces for Freelancers: Founder

By   Tom Robinson 2 min read

FOUNDER is a sleek four-floor office space reimagined for freelancers and small businesses. The dynamic environment fosters creativity, productivity and collaboration, ideal for freelancers looking for an alternative venue which reflects the creative work they do. But, what makes FOUNDER different from other creative spaces for freelancers? We asked the important questions to find out more.

Can you describe FOUNDER in a few sentences?

The newly launched space sits on Regent’s Canal between Victoria Park and Bethnal Green.  Generous reclaimed timber desks, comfy leather chairs and a roof terrace appeal to individuals or small businesses who may have outgrown the high-octane environment of places like silicon roundabout. The space is organically enriched by bountiful ferns and potted plants to cleanse the air and enhance wellbeing.

What do you think the most important benefits to freelancers are of working in a space like FOUNDER, rather than a café or a library?

We hope to offer our co-workers an unprecedented chance to work, create and grow, on their own terms, in an environment that doesn’t just support productivity and wellbeing, but actively fosters it. Given that most of our members are entirely self-dependent, maintaining or indeed improving physical and mental wellbeing is paramount to the Founder ethos.

What aspect of the space or FOUNDER’s philosophy do you think adds the most to its function as a working environment?

Community and collaboration are at the heart of Founder. Developed across four floors, the space plays host to a variety of pop-up events which aim to support and showcase its members work. Through curating a programme of events for those working alongside each other, we believe we are creating as many possibilities as possible for our members so that they can, together, achieve more success.

What facilities and services do you provide for hot-deskers?

Co-workers are encouraged to use and nurture a communal herb garden for botanical teas and healthful salads. Stimulating essential oils, free communal juicer and fruit box delivery are additional touches to help their members feel good. London has such a vast offering of high tech incubators and managed workspaces. We hope to be a slower-paced and sophisticated addition to the desk rental landscape, one that is affordable, flexible and luxe.

We are not all about wheat-grass and yoga, though, we also have drinks every Friday!

What are the prices for using FOUNDER?

Daily Rate: £20.00 from 9am- 7pm

Weekly Rate: £60.00 for 5 day access from 9am-7pm

Monthly Rate: £230.00 per month all inclusive with a dedicated desk and 24/7 access.

FOUNDER also offers private and semi-private workspaces for businesses of 3 to 24 individuals and offers free tea and coffee for all.

You can find out more about FOUNDER by taking a look at their Twitter account, here, and their website, here.

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