The Last of the Summer Whines

By   Holly Miller 1 min read

As we know we’ve missed the cut off date for submissions for the Futurebook five minute manifestos, we’ve decided to create our own coda to proceedings as we wave goodbye to the dog days of summer.

Publishing services have never been more relevant. Outsourcing what you want, when you want it, at a price you have negotiated that is right for you isn’t even the future. It is now. Just because you don’t live in London or New York, and are not related to or connected to someone who already works in publishing, doesn’t mean you can’t actively, materially collaborate in creating great content. Just because you have been made redundant as part of what has been defined as rationalisation or consolidation doesn’t mean you are useless and have no value. On the contrary, you almost certainly know a lot more than you or that suspiciously large HR department believe. Moonlighting can be fun. Specialists will inherit the earth. Creative variety, it turns out, is in fact the very spice of life. There is a whole new eco-system in and around publishing ready to be embraced, whether you have chosen that option, or it has been foisted upon you.

Welcome to whatever the next phase has to offer.