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A 2016 Guide to Writing Grants in the UK and Ireland

We know that to sustain a writing career, authors need all the help they can get. Whether it's brushing up on your skills with the help of seasoned authors, or simply needing to buy some time to write without worrying about your day job, we know a little financial help can go a long way. There are many resources online for writers and several helpful lists of grants and funding schemes. Available funding does change, however, so many of these lists become outdated quickly. We've done some research to come up with some of the best currently available ways to give your writing a boost. These initiatives range from one-off small cash prizes to residencies and ongoing funding for worthwhile literary projects. They are based in several locations throughout the British Isles, which doesn't necessarily mean one needs to live in that area to apply. Take a look at the map below to discover opportunities in your area and beyond. Keep yourself writing and get the support you deserve! #amwriting

By   Jantien Abma