Inspiring a new generation of readers.

Most of us remember a book that had a big effect on us when we were growing up. Perhaps we found it at home, or maybe a teacher introduced us to a great story at school. However we came across it, it's vital that we provide the same opportunity for discovery to children today to encourage them to get into reading early on. But what are kids reading these days? And which stories are capturing their imaginations now?

By   Zoila Marenco

The Conscious Uncoupling of Kindle and Waterstones

Kindle and Waterstones have consciously uncoupled. Yesterday it was announced that Britain’s largest bricks and mortar book retailer is to end its era of stocking and selling e-readers. Cue a book commentariat awash with cries that this proves we are entering the swan song of the dedicated e-reader.

By   Tim Inman

Making time to read

Last week The Bookseller reported that big Publishers in the US are giving away $250m in free e-books as part of the Obama scheme. While this is a great initiative that will make children with low-income families (but who can afford e-readers) have easier access to discovering reading, this alone will not be not enough. Yes, it is tempting to throw money (or free books) at the problem, but doing so only creates a temporary fix. If we truly want to get to the root of the problem, we have to dig deeper.

By   Tim Inman