7 Tips for Publishers’ Websites

Alejandra Rodriguez Creixell was an intern at whitefox and a Publishing MA student at UCL. She is currently designing a booklet for Waterstones Gower Street and searching for a job in publishing or marketing. Here she shares some key findings from her MA research on publishers' websites and their effectiveness.

By   Jantien Abma

Skipping the Literary Agent

Everyone loves a good disintermediation story. So, we read, writers have suddenly started to bypass agents in order to find the latest bestseller. The truth as we all know is that such dances started to be choreographed some while back. In 2008, Harper Collins UK launched the Authonomy community site, encouraging writers to upload their manuscript and expose it to peer review. The objective was to “ beat the slush “ with the promise that editors would review manuscripts which critiqued well on the platform.

By   Natasha

Hardware Alert: Are Publishers Good Retailers?

With the news today that Tesco are off loading the loss-making Blinkbox and with Jeff Bezos seemingly staring at a warehouse full of Fire Phones it begs the question, how can even the most successful businesses end up writing off millions in their quest to innovate and compete in particular market sectors where they have previously not traded?

By   Tom Robinson