new year

Happy New Publishing

This year, whitefox will celebrate four years of trying to create a new business model within the world of publishing. Many of the conversations we were having back in late 2011 and early 2012 which must have seemed somewhat outlandish or unnecessary to some people are now taken for granted. No one now blinks at the talk of more outsourcing, the need to bring down fixed-costs, the drive for greater trust, transparency and quality, vetted services within self-publishing. It is accepted that freelance professionals will play an increasingly important role operating in the space between writers and readers.

By   Jantien Abma

New Year Evolutions in Publishing

In amongst the pundits' panning for seismic nuggets of gold in publishing in 2015 that goes on at this time of year, spare a thought for less dramatic evolution rather than revolution.

By   Holly Miller