An interview with James Hoffmann: turning a hit coffee blog into a book

I'd started writing online as a way to share what I was learning in the industry, and when I hit 10 years I realised that I had created hundreds of posts, and within all of it there was probably a narrative and collection of the best that would be valuable if arranged and brought together in a book. I think people read books differently to how they read online, and people wouldn't want to navigate through hundreds of webpages - but the experience of sitting and reading would be much more enjoyable. I love books, well-made books. and the idea of creating a very limited run to mark a milestone also appealed to me.

By   Hannah Bickerton

Books for Brands, Volume 2

SokoGlam is an e-commerce start-up that sold Korean beauty products to the US and UK. The site gained popularity through its blog written by co-founder, Charlotte Cho. The blog featured information and stories about each product, including features on skincare and make-up and trends in the marketplace. The beauty market, particularly in Asian e-commerce, was crowded and SokoGlam had several direct competitors.

By   Jantien Abma

Q&A with James Spackman

We spoke to book marketer extraordinaire and publisher of Pursuit Books, James Spackman, about cycling books, the similarities between cricketing and cycling readers, and his blog, The Blackpool Tower.

By   Jantien Abma