How holistic lifestyle coach Heidi Hauer worked with whitefox to self-publish her book and build on her brand

By   Hannah Bickerton 3 min read

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The challenge

Heidi Hauer is a holistic health and corporate leader, author and podcast host. Over the years, she has encouraged women to stand together in their own power, beauty and confidence, inspiring many to engage with their career in a more holistic way. Through her platform, she has also cultivated and maintained a successful personal brand that further supports her business.

As a first-time author, Heidi reached out to whitefox with a strong message and idea for her book. Her own experience with heartbreak prompted her to help single women reclaim their lives, and also to connect more deeply with her clients and followers.

‘At some point I realised that my life was massively off track from what I had dreamed of. I had ticked off many goals but was still on auto-pilot, waiting for someone to kiss me awake. I needed a Plan B. I had to take matters into my own hands. It was time to become my own saviour, and create the life I was waiting to build with ‘him’. In short, I had to let go of the fantasy of being whisked away to a magical Kingdom and instead start proactively building something more authentic – my Queendom from within.’ 

Heidi Hauer

Her book project was driven by the desire to design a practical and exploratory guide for women to reclaim their independence and sense of identity; to figure out their needs and desires and encourage them to take practical steps to pursue their own happiness.

Given Heidi’s established brand and committed audience, this book venture required a unique level of engagement and outreach.

heidi hauer
The solution

Heidi had a strong set of goals for her book from the outset and invested in the right areas of design and book production. whitefox assisted her in this process, taking her through each stage of  the publishing journey, from editorial and design to sales representation and distribution. Through our bespoke services, Heidi was given the freedom to share her ideas and make her own creative decisions, without needing to fit her book into an available slot on a publisher’s list. From high production values to a focused publicity campaign, Heidi made every decision to help ensure her book was produced and published in a targeted way, reaching its intended audience.

Heidi collaborated with illustrator Marie-Thérèse Czapka to create sophisticated, grounded and eye-catching illustrations to accompany a series of thirty exercises designed to empower women in their professional and romantic lives.

As Heidi already had a built-in and highly engaged audience, whitefox helped ensure the book reflected Heidi’s professionalism, authority and expertise. As a valuable extension of her brand, her book played a more significant role in the larger strategy and had to be perfectly executed, not only to impress those in her existing network, but also to garner attention from further afield.

The result

The result is a beautiful hardback to sell separately or within her coaching practice and other ventures, such as The Heidi Hauer Podcast. The Queendom Within was published in February 2021, securing media coverage across platforms such as Metro, Stylist, BBC Radio London and We Are The City. Most importantly, the book received a lot of positive reactions from readers, social media influencers and bloggers who shared the exercises that resonated with them.

‘This is such a great self-help book, it never felt patronising or like Heidi was telling you how to live your life, instead Heidi was just suggesting exercises that might help you be more in touch with what you want in life and how to become more content with the life you lead rather than constantly dreaming of a different life.’

@Livs_little_library – Liv

‘“Dive Into Fantasy Land”: this one was really life-changing. With my pencil, I started to answer the questions and I was surprised by some of my replies. At the end, however, it all made sense. I will keep you in suspense because I think you should dive into this one without knowing much!’

@catiavra – Cátia Vieira

Heidi’s book stood out within its genre and spoke perfectly to its intended audience. Completing her first book opened up many opportunities for her as an entrepreneur, not only to grow her newsletter and podcast audience but also to boost her followships on Instagram and LinkedIn. Heidi says of her experience with whitefox: ‘Writing a book has been an incredibly beautiful process for me. I will always think back to this time with a smile. Thanks whitefox publishing for having supported me to get it out into the world!’ With such a positive impact on her business, Heidi is currently working on her second book project.

Hannah Bickerton
Hannah Bickerton
Hannah has worked in marketing for nine years, specialising in strategy development for start-ups and EdTech companies. Having recently jumped across industries to join the Whitefox team, Hannah isn’t a complete stranger to the publishing world with previous employment at Macmillan and TES Global. She is now dedicated to ensuring that anyone who has something interesting to say knows all about whitefox.