Q&A with editor and novelist Gillian Holmes

Editing your own book is much harder than editing someone else’s because you’re far too close to it, so flaws and problems may not be obvious to you. Having said that, having editing experience definitely helps when it comes to my own work. I don’t think it impacts my relationship with my editor at all, though. It may help it, because I understand where she’s coming from and I know not to take anything personally.

By   Hannah Bickerton

Chatting with the epxerts: We talk to the brilliant brains behind the Whitefox rebrand

Our first thought on receiving the brief was intrigue and excitement. Publishing companies notoriously have fantastic branding. From the mid-1950s to the modern day, some of the most iconic logos are publisher ones. They are visual identities that we’ve previously studied and admired. Many encapsulate modern principles; brutalist, minimalist, geometric and notably the clever use of negative space. So we thought this was a great opportunity to contribute to the landscape.

By   Hannah Bickerton

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‘Love In A Lost Land’ featured in The Sunday Times

James MacManus is an underrated novelist whose previous fiction has ranged widely in subject matter from Baudelaire’s love life to 1930s Berlin. In his latest work, the foreign correspondent Richard Brady arrives in an African nation on the brink of a civil war between its ruling white minority and insurgent black nationalists.