Rebecca Swift

Founder of The Literary Consultancy

“A visionary. Passionate, determined, kind-hearted, strong-willed, reliable, open-minded… These are some of the words that come to mind when I think about all that has come from our partnership, working together for the past five years or so. Those who know her would not consider her unsung, for amongst her friends and those she works with, and the many, many writers she supports, alongside countless others in the book world and far beyond, there is an inherent awareness of her achievements, her quiet force of nature, her trust and loyalty, and of the value she places in honesty, and asking hard questions, and her willingness to see things differently and consider the perspectives of others. She is a committed advocate to the causes that are near to her heart, whether that be in supporting mental illness through the Maya centre, or the rights of women, or the rights of ‘writers’, and the health, well-being and justice in the lives of the many carefully nurtured people who are close to her. 

As I write this and consider what Becky means to me, I see that I treasure all that we have created and thought through together, and smile at the prospect of what might be just around the corner, and in the years to come. Without any doubt in my mind and in my heart, she is an unsung hero and I’m glad to be someone who knows this first-hand. Perhaps it is now time that the wider world knew about it, too.”

– Jon Slack

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