Paul Sherreard

Programme Manager, Spread the Word

“In the nebulous world of writer development, there is a small group of people who work tirelessly, and without much recognition and contribute a huge amount to ensuring talented writers get the support they need in order to create the best writing they can that ensures publishers, agents and readers are treated to the huge number of talented writers that exist.

Paul works tirelessly to support writers, and gains very little recognition (and he doesn’t mind). His lack of ego, and his passionate focus on working with writers who may not be a conventional type of writer is inspiring. Some of his achievements include:

  • managing the Spread the Word workshop and events programme since 2012 – an array of workshops focusing on a variety of writerly topics, put together with thought, heart and passion (highlights include workshops with Bernardine Evaristo and Daljit Nagra) – approx 3000 people have attended Paul’s programmed workshops and events since 2012
  • managing Flight 1000; a paid development programme for diverse writers who wish to gain experience in the publishing industry
  • delivering huge numbers of community outreach workshops to groups in ¬†hospitals and schools
  • Supporting writers individually or in groups with editing/ funding applications/ project development
  • managing ‘Podium Poets’, a talent development programme for poets under 25 who worked with professional poets and editors to create an anthology of poems

Paul’s job isn’t glamorous (when I think of Paul I think of him pulling a rather unfashionable shopping trolley full of pens/ leaflets/ paper / writing prompts) but he is incredibly dedicated and committed to London’s writers – particularly those who have a ‘non-traditional’ route to publishing and writing-related successes. His warmth and energy is appreciated by many people.

– Laura Kenwright

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