Lucy Llewellyn

Founder, Head & Heart Publishing Services

“For many years Lucy worked for the fantastic independent publisher Parthian in South Wales. She made them great, discovering and bringing to life hundreds of beautiful books and making authors happy.

She has since founded her own business, Head & Heart Publishing Services, bringing her varied skills and talents to a multitude of new books and authors, from fiction to self-help and everything in between. She has an excellent relationship with clients and suppliers, communicating in honest, open and friendly ways and she treats freelancers like family, being patient, helpful and fair. She works hard and tirelessly strives to make the independent voice in publishing heard, including the quirky, individual, humorous, illustrated children’s titles as well as bringing books in translation from other cultures to fruition. Through her business she also advocates and promotes Book Aid International, bringing books and learning to developing countries for free. As a strong woman in publishing, a role model for graduates and interns everywhere, Lucy deserves to be on this list.”

– Melanie Marshall

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