Kristen Harrison

Founder of  The Curved House

“Kristen is a well of knowledge and experience, incredibly patient and unfalteringly friendly. One can utterly trust her eye for design and be content knowing the end result will be sleek, professional and modern.”

– Anonymous

“I feel extremely lucky to be working with Kristen. Her attitude towards everyone involved with The Curved House – clients, employees, freelancers, collaborators and readers – is that they are valued individuals. She always invests the necessary time to understand people’s needs and find the best solution for them. To top this off, Kristen is great fun. She brings a special vibrancy to each project, making it a pleasure to work with her.”

– Lucie Stevens

“Working with Kristen at The Curved House is a lesson on what honest passion and excitement for your work really is. Kristen approaches all projects with endless enthusiasm, flair and humour and as a mentor she is generous with encouragement, knowledge and wit. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of her team here at Curved House for she is a very real hero in every sense of the word.”

– Alice Connew

Reach Kristen at @curvedhouse