Fleur Clarke

Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Hodder & Stoughton

“Fleur Clarke is one of the most talented publishers I’ve worked with. She’s utterly tireless, pulling long hours every day of the week, while overseeing multiple campaigns simultaneously and helping the editors she works with to ensure that their books – all of them – are given the time and consideration they require to publish really well. She is particularly gifted as a strategist, and will work alongside editors from acquisition through to publication and well beyond to ensure that everything from copy on proofs to social media engagement years after a book’s second-format publication.

Importantly, Fleur is an endless well of brilliant ideas to market books that have little or no budget – no mean feat in publishing. She is also a brilliant voice on social media, and gives every social media feed she’s in charge of a unique, conversational and utterly charming voice. It’s this voice that will convince uncertain readers to go out and buy the books she works on, and it makes a huge difference in the company’s overall publishing.

Fleur goes above and beyond in all aspects of her job; as a marketer, she’s one of the ‘invisible’ people who works behind the scenes and is so often overlooked when we discuss a publication success. But she is absolutely crucial to our continued excellent publishing, and I’d love to see her work receive the industry recognition it deserves.”

– Anne Perry

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