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Imagine if you could have access to the specialists and professionals trusted by publishers to make a difference to their books. Well, now you can. Whether you’re a publisher, agent, author or a company, we make your books happen – exactly as you want them.

Services for Writers

With the growth of self-publishing, we believe that everyone should have access to the talent pool – the editors, cover designers, printers, marketing and publicity – that makes successful DIY publishing possible. We provide bespoke publishing packages and specific solutions for writers, helping them to create books of the highest quality possible with their available budget. Get in touch.

 Services for Brands

Great content is a powerful way to enhance your business, both in terms of marketing and additional revenue streams. We work with companies and brands to help them define this potential and make it happen. From content creation to the book’s production, we will provide the services suited to your budgets and objectives. Get in touch.

Services for Publishers

whitefox operates as a trusted publishing services provider for publishers large and small around the world. Our publishing models are fast, cost-efficient and flexible. We offer bespoke project management or the opportunity to choose from a rate card of great quality editorial, design, typesetting or translation services. Get in touch.