Rebecca Ritchie

Junior Agent, Curtis Brown

“Becky has worked here for six years, nearly three actively agenting. She always does everything with the utmost care and efficiency! She worked for Sheila Crowley for much of this time, and is adored by all Sheila’s clients. She has also been covering Stephanie Thwaites’s client list during Steph’s maternity leave, all the while building her own list. I would say Becky’s most remarkable trait is that she is one of the most caring and willing agents in the business. Most importantly, Becky has stunning taste and instincts when it comes to discovering authors. She has twenty-two clients, all nurtured from the ground up, and her special talent is spotting and growing debut authors. One of her top moments this year was when her client Iona Grey won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award in 2016 for Letters to the Lost.”

—Alice Lutyens

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