Emma Paterson

Literary Agent, Rogers, Coleridge & White

“Emma is one of a number of agents who are nurturing real literary talent wherever it may be. These agents are taking chances on what the industry might term ‘difficult’ work, and are ‘doing diversity’ the right way. Emma has an uncompromising, steady and often quiet behind-the-scenes determination to bring a range of voices into the mainstream. She navigates this landscape with luminosity and a simple but steely grace, choosing and selecting an eclectic and exciting range of writers, placing each carefully within the right home, from big houses to small indies. She presents the voices as they are, without demanding that they tick this box, or deliver on this or that expectation. That’s the trick, and she’s cracked it, and I really look forward to seeing her star, already in the ascendant, really shine.”

—Aki Schilz

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