Being a writer is tough. Endless drafts, endless edits, endless procrastination. If you’re struggling to write today, there are other writers out there who know exactly how you feel – and you can find them all on Twitter.

1. When you’re ready to write, but life gets in the way.

2. When you’ve committed to your tasks for the day and your brain decides it’s the perfect time to give you some fabulous ideas – that you have no hope of being able to write down or remember later.

3. Sometimes, the struggle gets real.

4. Really real. 

5. Really, really real.

6. When you have responsibilities, but your writing keeps calling your name…

7. When you know you have to write something to make yourself feel productive. Anything… anything!

8. Writer’s block. Enough said.

9. When you’re not even sure if you like your writing anymore. 

10. When you think about how you came to be a writer…

11. Multi-tasking is a very difficult and very tiring thing – especially when there are deadlines to be met.

12. When you get distracted by your greatest writing fears and have to read over everything you’ve ever written from start to finish.

13. When you must embody Dory from Finding Nemo to meet your deadline… 

14. Realising that your fellow writers on Twitter will always help when you need some inspiration…

15. When something like this happens, and being an author is worth every sleepless night, every edit, every double-check and every do-over.

Keep going writer friends. You can do it!

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